Collection: Activity Books

Empower students of all ages to prioritize mental well-being through engaging and insightful resources.

Explore "The Wellness Activity Book," designed for students in grades 2-5. With over 100 hands-on activities, this book introduces Cam the Calm-meleon, a lively character guiding students through wellness information, coping strategies, crafts, challenges, and activities. From informative content to fun-filled exercises, students embark on a journey towards understanding and nurturing their mental wellness.

For older students, we present "The Wellness Project Self-Discovery Workbook." Tailored for teens, this workbook delves into self-discovery with quizzes, journaling prompts, trackers, coping strategies, and hands-on activities. By fostering self-awareness and building positive habits and mindsets, students develop the tools they need to support their mental well-being.

Discover the joy of self-discovery and mental wellness with our Wellness Collection today.